A New Year and A New Season ..what provocations are you using for your own thinking and practice?


As we transition back to our Fall routines after a glorious warm summer, it is also a time  to consider ways to continue our own learning journey.

In my travels and teaching  I have found short videos can act as useful tools to provoke conversation and reflection.

As many of you have discovered the Ministry of Education has a selection of thought provoking videos connected to the Think, Feel, Act Document. If you haven’t viewed them try  one at your next staff meeting .

The following are other videos that may  act as a provocation for you and your colleagues to challenge us to Rethink why we do what we do?

  1. From the Opal School  Dialogue with Natural Materials perfect to consider and help children appreciate our beautiful changing natural environment. ( 5min and 53 secs)
  2. School is for learning to live, not just for learning   This video is a little longer but inspiring and profound. (19min 39secs)

  3. Documentation:Transforming our Perspective  this video is a conversation with several leaders of Reggio Children and the municipal infant-toddler and preschools in Reggio Emilia, Italy about the practice of documentation and its role in teaching and learning. (15 min 56 secs)


“All is connected … no one thing can change by itself.”

Paul Hawken”Natural Capitalism, Yoga Journal October 1994