Find a mentor in 2016-it’s a lot easier then we think

As we come to the end of one year and are about to embark on a new year…an certain energy and hope can prevail. Taking advantage of this I thought I would share a blog post that outlines¬† three easy steps to finding a mentor as shared by Marilyn Hewson (2015) on LinkedIn.

The simplicity of this post I think makes the idea of mentoring more tangible and less daunting. Here are the three steps Hewson (2015) outlines:

1. Look for Mentors all around us. It may be that it takes a village of colleagues and guides to create a community of support and cheerleaders. These Mentors may be long term guides or mentors for specific moments.

2. Find a Mentor by earning one. The most successful Mentors may not be assigned.There are some basic tenets to building a trusting relationship that lends itself to a successful mentor relationship.

3. Most importantly, give as much as you receive. The best Mentor relationships are built on shared  beliefs and a spirit of reciprocity.

Mentoring is a form of professional learning, so as you set your intentions for 2016 consider your relationships and look for ways to create and support your professional growth through Mentoring!

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