Mentoring, Communities of Practice and Reflective Practice

Mentoring is not a new concept and for many early childhood educators the idea of reflecting with a trusted colleague or group of peers has become essential to developing reflective practice and pedagogical leaders. What does this look for an educator? The following acronym highlights essential skills:

mentor quote

“Reflective processes can be undertaken in isolation from others, but doing so often leads to a reinforcement of existing views and perceptions. Working in pairs or with a group for which learning is the  reason for being can begin to transform perspectives and challenge old patterns of learning. It is only through a give and take with others and by confronting the challenges they pose that critical reflection can be promoted.” (Boud, 2001, p.14-15)

Do you have a critical friend or mentor?

Do you intentionally seek multiple perspectives?

Do you believe you have time to nurture relationships and a reflective stance?


Boud, D. (2001). Using Journal Writing To Enhance Reflective Practice. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 90,9-17.