Mentoring : a tool to develop an intentional critical reflective stance

In processing all the wonderful, exciting and challenging changes that are occurring in education which early education is now part of; and as I attempt to process the time I spent in Reggio Emilia, Italy, I find myself looking for folks to dialogue with, to share, debate, disagree, and find common ground with.   I am ever more hopeful that as our young profession is growing we too are open to challenging the status quo, to expecting more from ourselves.

It is a hopeful, scary, exciting, challenging time,I know that others feel the same way. It is in this time where we need to reach out to others for support. It’s that notion that a trusting colleague or friend can listen without judgement and without fear we can process the changing terrain together.

So consider:
1. What are your hopes, your fears for the children, families and yourself?
2. Who are your trusted colleagues or friends?
3. How can you build on these moments and conversations to take action in your day to day work?

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