Inspire: Do you radiate positive energy? Why do you ask?

With so much talk about reflective practice and inquiry in the field of early childhood education, some might be asking so what is all the fuss about?

I was recently introduced to the work of Thom Markham and his blog post; Do you have the Personality to be an Inquiry Based Teacher? The topic immediately caught my eye. Markham states, along with needing to know your field; child development, approaches to learning, the value of play and so on, he identifies five personality attributes that are essential for success. He asks us to reflect on these five traits.

  1. Are you optimistic?
  2. Are you open?
  3. Are you appreciative?
  4. Are you flexible?
  5. Are you purposeful

Have a conversation with your colleagues; ask your family members if they see these traits in you …then reflect on ways you demonstrate them on a daily basis. Start the conversation.

Reference: Do you have the Personality to Be an Inquiry Based Teacher? (2013) Retrieved from



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